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11 days ago unexist Merged changes from bitbucketvirtual tip
11 days ago unexist Updated default configvirtual
6 months ago unexist Fixed #315: Added check for emtpy xft cflags (see
17 months ago unexist Updated to support env vars like CFLAGS
17 months ago unexist Added ruby header to support ruby-2.1
2013-06-19 unexist Fixed shadowed declaration of y1 (bits/mathcalls.h)
2013-03-25 unexist Updated ruby version check and swapped libs in lddflags
2013-01-02 unexist Shamelessly updated copyright year
2012-11-14 unexist Fixed #309: Moved .spawn to Subtlext::Client
2012-11-14 unexist Fixed #308: Added client gravity message to queue
2012-10-29 unexist Fixed #tags of current view
2012-09-21 unexist Updated #302: Fixed int -> fixnum conversion..
2012-09-21 unexist Fixed type cast
2012-09-19 unexist Fixed #302: Set default value to zero for tags
2012-09-18 unexist Fixed #303: Updated prefix of subtlext functions (sub -> subext) to avoid clash of global symbols
2012-07-19 unexist Fixed #298: Updated handling of view jump/swap
2012-07-11 unexist Removed pointless 'Invalid tag' exception
2012-07-11 unexist Updated subtler manpage
2012-07-11 unexist Updated usage info of subtler
2012-07-10 unexist Fixed y position of panel geometry
2012-07-10 unexist Updated SubtlextTagFind()
2012-06-28 unexist Renamed COPYING to LICENSE
2012-06-20 unexist Added tag 0.11 for changeset 134e82e33716
2012-06-20 unexist Fixed #296: Updated XDG path handling0.11
2012-06-20 unexist Updated revision number
2012-06-20 unexist Removed tag 0.11
2012-06-15 unexist Added tag 0.9 for changeset dcb21643ed88
2012-06-15 unexist Removed tag 0.9.2773
2012-06-15 unexist Added tag 0.11 for changeset 0c57ccd923e5
2012-06-15 unexist Bumped version number
2012-06-15 unexist Fixed #update and #save weirdness
2012-06-01 unexist Updated #295: Fixed missing Subtle::Gravity
2012-05-31 unexist Updated #295: Added gravity and geometry values to Subtlext::Client instances in tag procs
2012-05-31 unexist Added missing vimdoc footer
2012-05-29 unexist Updated #295: Updated tag handling of Subtlext::Client and Subtlext::Tag
2012-05-29 unexist Updated #295: Moved tag fetching from subtlext.c to class file
2012-05-29 unexist Updated #295: Added @tags to Subtlext::Client and Subtlext::View
2012-05-23 unexist Fixed #294: Added handling of tag proc
2012-05-23 unexist Updated #294: Updated flags and prototypes
2012-05-23 unexist Updated #294: Added handler for #on_match
2012-05-22 unexist Fixed #290: Add default tag when client wouldn't be visible (including sticky) only
2012-05-22 unexist Added text stuff and updated the calls of the functions
2012-05-22 unexist Renamed text and icon drawing functions and moved text stuff to subtle/text.c
2012-05-12 unexist Removed various methods from Subtlext::Window (#read, #write, #completion, #input) in favor of #draw_text and added modifier support to key_down
2012-04-14 unexist Added proper screen selection to View#jump
2012-04-12 unexist Updated skip_pointer_warp check of subScreenWarp() and subClientWarp()
2012-04-11 unexist Updated strut/padding config value handling
2012-04-10 unexist Replaced obsolete strut style property with padding
2012-03-25 unexist Fixed #286: Updated screen configure to ensure that a sticky client also keeps the gravity
2012-03-25 unexist Fixed call order: Sync before calling a hook
2012-03-22 unexist Fixed #285: Added proprocessor check to update prototype for scandir sort
2012-03-22 unexist Updated #285: Replaced sprintf() with snprintf()
2012-03-22 unexist Updated #285: Added arch check and LIBS to ldflags
2012-03-20 unexist Fixed docs of #send_button and return value of #focus
2012-03-17 unexist Fixed #283: Added #load_config method
2012-03-16 unexist Updated #283: Updated prototype of subRubyLoadConfig()
2012-03-16 unexist Updated #283: Moved syntax check handling to ruby.c
2012-03-16 unexist Updated debugging messages
2012-03-12 unexist Fixed undeclared error when compiled with debug
2012-02-23 unexist Fixed client margin