age author description
2013-01-02 unexist Shamelessly updted copyright yeardefault tip
2012-11-14 unexist Updated #309: Updated launcher for .spawn
2012-10-29 unexist Fixed handling of space key
2012-10-29 unexist Fixed #305: Merged patch
2012-08-26 unexist Removed dummy entries from history
2012-08-26 unexist Added text cursor movement via left/right arrow key
2012-07-10 unexist Fixed Array#save bug
2012-07-10 unexist Updated minor stuff
2012-06-28 unexist Renamed COPYING to LICENSE
2012-06-15 unexist Fixed key_down handler
2012-05-14 unexist Fixed reverse-search-mode reset after command run
2012-05-12 unexist Fixed #275: Added readline-like command history and reverse-search
2012-02-01 unexist Fixed syntax error
2012-02-01 unexist Fixed syntax error
2011-11-16 unexist Tidied up code
2011-11-06 unexist Fixed unoccupied color
2011-11-05 unexist Updated tagging, added WM_NAME in listing and checksums
2011-11-05 unexist Updated due to changes of #find
2011-11-04 unexist Updated positioner
2011-10-09 unexist Fixed toggle of expanded state and exceptions when no client is present
2011-10-07 unexist Added merger, again
2011-08-17 unexist Updated positioner and selector to use the new drawing API
2011-08-17 unexist Removed pointless tool
2011-08-02 unexist Added zaphod mode and an argument to #run to parse strings like launcher input
2011-07-25 unexist Updated required version of subtlext
2011-07-25 unexist Updated for view -> unoccupied name change
2011-07-18 unexist Updated styler for styles system
2011-06-26 unexist Updated regexp to ignore whitespaces before colons
2011-06-16 unexist Fixed required space in search regexp
2011-06-01 unexist Updated graviton to use screen resolution and to work with changed gravity x/y values
2011-06-01 unexist Updated to rely on xdg-open instead of own calls and added #browser_screen_num to set the screen the browser view is displayed
2011-05-30 unexist Added calling of config methods
2011-04-29 unexist Added check for panel color name (devel/stable)
2011-04-25 unexist Updated wiki uris
2011-04-19 unexist Fixed panel color
2011-03-23 unexist Updated file header
2011-03-23 unexist Added license text
2011-03-16 unexist Added check for changed tags
2011-03-14 unexist Updated comments and colors
2011-03-14 unexist Added positioner
2011-03-08 unexist Added termstyler
2011-03-08 unexist Fixed rrrrggggbbbb to rrggbb conversion
2011-02-11 unexist Fixed conversion of rrrrggggbbbb to rrggbb colors
2011-02-03 unexist Added view tag merger
2011-02-03 unexist Fixed launcher default path
2011-02-02 unexist Added check for non-existing paths
2011-01-26 unexist Updated version error message
2011-01-25 unexist Fixed spacing of the input text
2011-01-25 unexist Updated window selection and added input mode
2011-01-24 unexist Fixed require of subtlext
2011-01-23 unexist Increased version requirement
2011-01-23 unexist Updated docs
2011-01-23 unexist Added selector
2011-01-23 unexist Removed blank line
2011-01-16 unexist Updated examples
2011-01-16 unexist Fixed #177: Applied extend_command patch
2011-01-10 unexist Fixed #171: Added Subtle::Contrib::Launcher.paths= to set custom paths
2011-01-02 unexist Updated comments
2011-01-02 unexist Removed useless script from contrib
2011-01-01 unexist Fixed subtlext path