age author description
2010-01-24 unexist Removed follow temporarilydefault tip
2010-01-24 unexist Enclosed hook call in begin rescue
2010-01-24 unexist Fixed backspace in bar
2010-01-24 unexist Added hooks
2010-01-24 unexist Fixed typo brower -> browser
2010-01-24 unexist Added javascript keys
2010-01-24 unexist Fixed docs
2010-01-24 unexist Added #proxy=
2010-01-24 unexist Added GObject.set
2010-01-24 unexist Added #proxy=
2010-01-24 unexist Added libsoup interface
2010-01-23 unexist Tidied up code
2010-01-23 unexist Added :SubtlyFindForward and :SubtlyFindBackward
2010-01-23 unexist Added #find, #mark, #unmark and #highlight=
2010-01-22 unexist Added command repetition
2010-01-22 unexist Updated manpage
2010-01-22 unexist Merged files
2010-01-22 unexist Added reading uri from commandline
2010-01-22 unexist Added check for http:// in Browser#uri=
2010-01-22 unexist Added SubtlyBrowserZoomIn and SubtlyBrowserZoomOut
2010-01-22 unexist Added info files
2010-01-22 unexist Moved script into bin
2010-01-22 unexist Added rakefile and manual
2010-01-22 unexist Added SubtlyBrowserZoomIn and SubtlyBrowserZoomOut
2010-01-22 unexist Added Subtly::Gtk::Clipboard
2010-01-22 unexist Added SubtlyUriPaste and SubtlyUriYank
2010-01-22 unexist Added selection atoms
2010-01-22 unexist Added SubtlyBrowserStop
2010-01-22 unexist Updated keys
2010-01-22 unexist Added SubtlyBrowserReload and SubtlyBrowserReloadCache command
2010-01-22 unexist Added Webkit#reload and added more comments
2010-01-22 unexist Removed Subtly::Gtk::Adjustment class
2010-01-22 unexist Added jump implementation
2010-01-22 unexist Updated google jump and default url
2010-01-22 unexist Added more keys
2010-01-22 unexist Added vadjustment stuff
2010-01-22 unexist Added more comments, updated format functions and added page position display
2009-12-14 unexist Added command handler for back/forward
2009-12-14 unexist Added Webkit#back and Webkit#forward
2009-12-14 unexist Added more toplevel classes and added functionality
2009-12-14 unexist Added key handling, various callbacks and tidied up
2009-12-14 unexist Added GdkColor, GdkEventKey and keys
2009-12-14 unexist Removed non-glib classes
2009-12-14 unexist Added key config
2009-12-14 unexist Moved lib magic into separated files
2009-12-13 unexist Updated classes
2009-12-13 unexist Added GObject#signal_connect
2009-12-13 unexist Added GdkColor struct
2009-12-13 unexist Added signal callbacks, labels and entry
2009-12-13 unexist Merged into gtk.rb
2009-12-12 unexist Initial commit