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subtle has the following dependencies:

 1. Ruby[1] (>=1.9)
 2. Rake[2] (>=0.8)
 3. X11[3] (>=6.8.2)

And folowing optional gems for sur:

 1. curb[4] (>= (sur only)
 2. archive-tar-minitar[5] (>=0.5.2)
 3. datamapper[6] (>=0.9.11) (surserver only)
 4. sinatra[7] (>=0.9.4) (surserver only)


Stable releases can be found here[8]. If you like you can clone the Mercurial[9]
repository and install the developer version as followed:

 1. hg clone
 2. cd subtle
 3. rake [options]
 4. rake install

The installer will copy the files to following XDG[10] default
path: (see: rake help)

 * Binaries   -> /usr/bin
 * Config     -> /etc/xdg/subtle
 * Extension  -> (Ruby Dir)/subtle
 * Scripts    -> /usr/share/subtle

The paths can be easily changed (see: rake help) and are printed after
configuring is done. subtle[11] will create cache files to keep track of the
settings, whenever you need to change a path later you need to delete the old
caches with 'rake clobber'.


On start subtle[11] will check if a config file is available in the typical XDG
paths and use it. A local config is preferred over a system wide.

Then it will have a look for sublets[12] in the XDG paths too and load them
accordingly. (see $XDG_DATA_HOME)

 * To create a user config just create '$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/subtle' and copy the
   latest config from the 'data' folder into it.
 * To enable sublets[12] create '$XDG_DATA_HOME/subtle/sublets' and create
   symlinks to the sublets[12].  (Load order is alphabetically)

Always compare your existing config with the one of the repository/tarball to
get the latest options and check the latest news.